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The primary goal of Avatar State Gaming is to establish a thriving E-sports community that caters to a diverse range of gamers and communities. The gaming landscape in London is diverse, but lacks prominent fixtures such as Capcom Cup, EVO, or even less competitive options like VGDQ or other charity events. Furthermore, these events, while significant, only operate seasonally, leading to a rapid dispersal of communities.

In light of this, our aim is to establish a strong foundation that moves gaming away from isolated and fragmented platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Our objective is to foster safe, relatable, and inclusive events that offer a welcoming environment for gaming communities to congregate.

Avatar State Gaming
United Kingdom

Why avatar State Gaming?

Although games like Street Fighter, Valorant, and Overwatch have large followings, they lack tangible communities or physical spaces in London for gamers to gather, socialise, and compete. Moreover, members of such communities face challenges in organising consistent events and struggle to achieve regional prestige or generate a significant draw.

Similarly, less hardcore gamers often encounter difficulties in breaking into community gaming and tend to opt for the convenience of joining forums or Discord communities. By engaging with established communities, gaming personalities, and universities, and by establishing new spaces and communities, Avatar State Gaming is confident in its ability to make a meaningful and enduring contribution to the UK’s E-sports scene.

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